This page is about how to use OCTOPUS.
The system information on OCTOPUS is detailed from here.
note: Most of these pages are written in Japanese. English version is being prepared now.

First of all

Usage for novice
HPCI usage for novice

1. Connection

How to login
How to login (for HPCI users)
How to login (for SX-ACE,VCC users)
How to File Transfer (local - OCTOPUS)
How to File Transfer (SQUID - OCTOPUS)
How to transfer file (account A - account B)
How to use shared straoge (for HPCI user)

2. Front-end

How to use a front-end node  
How to use a file system
How to Check for Resource Usage

3. Coding

A Basic way to make your program
How to use editor
How to use intel compiler(FORTRAN/C/C++)
How to use GNU Compiler(Fortran/C/C++)
How to use Python(2.7/3.4)
How to use Octave
How to use R
How to use Julia
How to use development support tools 

4. Program execution

About batch processing
How to Describe a Job Script
Example of job scripts
About scheduler commands
OCTOPUS Job Class Table


5. Application

a list of software and library installed

* is supported by GPU.


a list of manual
Inquiry form