To access to our center's high-performance computing environment, users need to access the CMC-Scinet, the supercomputer network which our large-scale computer systems are connected. For the access to our systems, " Login node " and " Frontend node " are installed.


Basic access to our large-scale computer systems is though the login to Login node as the gateway from outside the CMC-SCinet using SSH and GSI-SSH. After logging in, users are automatically connected to the Frontend node as the working computing server. Users can develop and compile their own programs as well as submit jobs through the scheduler.

(note) Part of these nodes have both functions of the Login node and the Frontend node.

(caution)Login is different for HPCI and JHPCN users. Please see below:
How to login (HPCI)

Login information

Connecting the host and other information is as follows:

host name
access method SSH
authentication password authentication
OS Japanese character code UTF-8


Login from Windows system

How to connect to the Login node from Windows is described below:

The SSH (Secure Shell) client must be installed to access the Login node from a Windows platform computer. Several options exist, but we show the case of using Tera Term to access the Login node.

Get TeraTerm

Please download and install Tera Term from Tera Term official site.

Connection procedure


1.Start Tera Term and then connect to the Login node

Just click "OK" button after completing the configurations.
Please choose one from three hosts.

service SSH
TCP Port# 22



2. The following message will appear in your first connection.


Check [このホストをknown hostsリストに追加する] and click the [続行] button.
※ If not checked, this message will appear every time you connect.

3. After configuring the following items on SSH authentication screen, Click the [OK] button.

user name User ID
passphrase password
Use plain text check



4. Connecting the Frontend node that you chose at 1.


When using application on X server environment,
open「設定」→「SSH 転送」 under the TeraTerm configuration,

5. Check [リモートの(X)アプリケーションをローカルのXサーバに表示する] and click the [OK] button.


* This configuration will be valid. You will need to save the configuration from「設定」→「設定の保存」.

Login from UNIX-based OS(Linux, MacOS X, etc)

How to connect to the login node from a UNIX-based OS platform.
Please install ssh by yourself or ask an administrator if the SSH is not installed.

connection procedure

Connect to Login node using the ssh command.

The following is an example to connect to octopus. (user ID:a61234):

% ssh -l a61234


In the case of using any application on X server,

% ssh -X -l a61234


* "-l" is "hyphen lowercase l". Please note that it is easy to confuse with I (uppercase i) or | (pipe).

Typing yes after the following message appears when you first connect to Login node.

The authenticity of host ' (' can not be established, but keys of different types are already known for this host.
The RSA key fingerprint is 19:14:7f:28:54:39:16:9a:99:d0:db:93:d6:ff:f3:13.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes

Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.


You are prompted to ask for your password. The connection is complete after typing in the correct password.'s password: XXXXXXXX

(Typed password is not displayed.)