The free, open source CFD software "OpenFOAM"(4.1) is installed on OCTOPUS.

How to use

First, execute a following command to load the configuration file for OpenFOAM environment. After that, you can use OpenFOAM commands.

$ source /octfs/apl/OpenFOAM/4.1/OpenFOAM-4.1/etc/bashrc


Please run OpenFOAM by batch processing. The example of job script to execute pimpleDyMFoam is below. In this case, I prepared another script "makeMesh" beforehand and make a mesh by running it in 6 line. please rewrite here according to your way.


Following is the example of parallel running.


Please see below for the way to submit a job script.
qsub command


Other Resources

OpenFOAM Official Web site
OpenFOAM user guide