I got the error message "/var/spool/nqsII/jsv/jobfile/0.10989.11/user_script: 実行形式エラー. 間違ったアーキテクチャです." during the runtime of job.

Your job script file's file-format could be BOM(Byte Order Mark) format. Therefore, it is possible that the first line which you indicate to use specific shell is not interpreted. The job script should be non-BOM format.

Please check your file using the command below.

% file nqs.sh


You can change the file-format by a text-editor like vi. Please submit it again after changing the file-format.

We will show an example to edit BOM-format by using vi editor.

Open the file by vi, add the option '-b'.

% vi -b nqs.sh


At the beginning of the first line, <feff>, this is BOM character. Delete these letters and save it.