The Cybermedia Center at Osaka University is a research center that builds and maintains an information infrastructure that supports research and education at Osaka University and promotes advanced research and development pertaining to large-scale computation, information and communication, and education leveraging ICT.

Furthermore, the Center is a national joint-use facility that works closely with academia and industry. To this end, a heterogeneity of large-scale high-performance computing systems are offered so that national researchers can perform computation and information processing pertaining to academic research and education.


All faculty and staff in the Cybermedia Center sincerely hope you will utilize our large-scale computing systems for your academic research and education.


Large-scale computer systems at the Cybermedia Center

Information on large-scale computer system and large-scale visualization system is available below:.
Overview System Introduction


Service categories of the Cybermedia Center

Learn how to use of our large-scale computing system and large-scale visualization systems below:.

Service Categories

Application for service (first use)

Details of the application for the first use of the application for service is available below:

Service application Service charges


Training sessions offered by the Cybermedia Center

The Cybermedia Center offers several training sessions regularly in the hope that users without detailed knowledge about information technology can use our systems smoothly. Please take them. The training information is available below:
Training sessions scheduled for this fiscal year


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