Qualification and rules for CMC service

Please check the qualifications and rules for CMC's large-scale computer service
Qualifications and rules


Service category

To use our large-scale computer systems, there are currently five categories. See the page below for detailed information.

Introduction of service category


Six categories

General(academic) use Industrial use Trial use
Research Proposal-based Use HPCI use JHPCN use


Service Application

How to apply our service is explained on the page below.

Service application

Service Charge

To use our large-scale computer systems, payment for a service charge is required. See below for details.

Service charge

■ About trial use ■
Cybermedia Center offers the opportunity of a "trial use" for those who are users at our Center.
Details for the application for trial use and the services available for trial use can be found on this page.


Service Status

You can check the service status of our large-scale computer systems.

Service status