The Cybermedia Center, Osaka University, is a research center constituting the Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures.


The Cybermedia Center concentrates on the following topics, but we accept a variety of collaborative research proposals not limited to the following topics:


・Optimization of vector and scalar integrated computation
・Administration technology and techniques of vector
 and scalar integrated computers
・Large-scale data visualization technology
・Cloud computing


We are looking forward to receiving your proposal.
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System use through JHPCN

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System use through JHPCN

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All users can access CMC user’s portal, a portal service dedicated specifically for our users. For detailed information please see below:
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Frequently asked questions from users and the corresponding answers are summarized below. Please check FAQ before sending your inquiries to us.


How to use

You can learn how to use our large-scale computing systems below:.
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Training sessions

The Cybermedia Center holds training sessions regularly. Please take them. The training information is available below:.


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