JHPCN (Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures) is made up of eight centers equipped with supercomputers. These centers are the Information Initiative Center of Hokkaido University, the Cyberscience Center of Tohoku University, the Information Technology Center of the University of Tokyo, the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Information Technology Center of Nagoya University, the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies of Kyoto University, the Cybermedia Center of Osaka University, and the Research Institute for Information Technology of Kyushu University. This is a network-type joint usage and collaborative research center, and its core institution is the Information Technology Center of the University of Tokyo. The Center began as a program of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT) in April 2010.


Cybermedia Center provides three systems to JHPCN.

System Overview

Three types of large-scale computer systems are available in Cybermedia Center.

"OCTOPUS" is the newest system in our center. OCTOPUS is a scalar computer cluster that composed four types of nodes, general purpose CPU nodes, GPU nodes, Xeon Phi nodes and large-scale shared-memory nodes.

"SX-ACE" is a vector-typed supercomputer system that has the functionality of multiple operations in 1 clock. In particular, it is a computer suited for a large-scale matrix operation or inner product operation.

"VCC (Visualization Computer Cluster)" is a scalar computer cluster that has many core Intel processors. VCC has the functionally of reconfigurable devices such as GPGPU and SSD. VCC can provide the user-requirement-suited computational resource with devices. If a user requires a cluster computer with GPGPU and SSD, VCC assigns and provides a suited computer resource. On the other hand, VCC provides a functionality of combination with a High-resolution Tiled Display System that is an interactive job. High-resolution Tiled Display systems are available at Suita Campus. Detailed information about our computer resources appears below.


Flow to start JHPCN use

Submission of a project proposal

Please see JHPCN official site and submit a project proposal in accordance with the form. Notifications of awards is sent to Project Representatives and Contact Persons by e-mail.
JHPCN official site

UserID issuing and password initialization

If a project is selected, an account to use our systems will be issued. Please initialize your password.

Cautions when using

Please check below before start using.
Cautions when using

Project's start

Please see the following page for how to use our systems.
How to use large-scale computer systems