If a foreigner or a foreign resident uses a supercomputer, this use may be subject to "Security export control". If a Japanese user applies for this user, a representative user for using and payment has to proceed with the application on the basis of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and its related laws.

Japan and other major countries have collaborated in the making of an international framework for managing exports, an international export control system in international society in order to prevent terrorists and countries threatening the security of Japan and international society from obtaining products and technologies that might be used for developing weapons of mass destruction.

Japan controls such trade from a human security viewpoint under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Therefore, permission from the minister of Economy, Trade and Industry is needed when/if one includes such restricted items in one's luggage (when going abroad) or provides technology to overseas destinations.

If one exports or provides such items without permission, not only the one who did such, but also the organization that he or she belongs to may become eligible for criminal punishment or administrative sanctions.
* Excerpt fromSecurity Export Control -> Outline of Security Export Control.