I want to mount HPCI shared storage from a not-HPCI group. / I want to mount HPCI shared storage for a project not using Osaka University.

How to mount HPCI shared storage is the following. However, you have to prepare a mount point directory in advance.
Please contact us from this page.
1. store your proxy certificate in the repository on HPCI Certificate Issuing System.

2. login our login server and enter the following command:

myproxy-logon -s portal.hpci.nii.ac.jp -l hpciXXXX(HPCI-ID) -t168


3. mount HPCI shared storage to /gfarm/(project ID)/(user ID)directory (mount point).



4. un-mount HPCI shared storage after use.



please see "HPCI Shared Storage User Manual" on this page for a detail.