When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "Setting locale failed.".

Our frontend server takes over a locale setting of your terminal for ssh client, Mac OS. "SendEnv" setting of your terminal occur it. Please try the following two ways.

Modify on "/etc/ssh_config"

Please comment out "SendEnv" setting by # mark on "/etc/ssh_config" as following.
Make sure that it must be done before connecting to frontend server.

    Host *
    # SendEnv LANG LC_*


write a locale setting on profile

If you want that ssh server take over a locale setting from your terminal but you want to resolve this problem, please write in bash_profile as following

    LC_ALL=en.US UTF=8



May I execute qstat or sstat command at regular intervals?

While executing qstat and sstat command, our system consume one license of them. A number of licenses is enough for normal usage. But, if many user execute at regular intervals, licenses may be shortage. In this case, many user will not be able to execute these command.
Please refrain from executing at regular intervals. If you have to do absolutely, please execute at 10 minute intervals.


How can I check the job-status of other users ?

Users can not check the job status of other users. We appreciate your understanding.


How can I check the congestion information of jobs ?

Users can not check the congestion information of jobs.
If the large scale computing system was not crowded, your submitting job will become "ASG" on job scheduler. Therefore, please judge whether congestion or not by "STT" on sstat command.
And, if your submitted job keeps “QUE” by any error of your job or any problem of our system, we will report you about it.


How can I check the disk usage of my group?

We provide the command for checking disk usage.
Please see the following page.
How to check resource usage