vol.01 Air flow analysis on speech production

HPCS news vol.1 introduces the research of Dr. Kazunori Nozaki, the Dental Hospital, Osaka University who works on dental health problems using super computer systems at the Cybermedia Center.

Researcher : Kazunori Nozaki
Affiliation : Osaka University Dental Hospital, Assistant Professor
Abstract: Speech is physically classified as aerodynamic acoustics, and the sound generated from the turbulence that is uttered in the oral cavity of the speaker propagates to the eardrum of the listener. This phenomenon can be visualized by using the supercomputer. In this research, as a first step, using the state-of-the-art medical imaging diagnostic apparatus, the airway shape at the time of utterance was measured and fluid simulation was carried out. In the future, by combining it with medical information, we plan to link speech information to medical information which is information of individual patients.

Posted : July 03,2017