Call for volunteers for 2nd tests on OCTOPUS-Azure cloudbursting environment

The Cybermedia Center has recently built an experimental cloudbursting functionality on OCTOPUS. This functionality allows researchers to perform computation on Microsoft Azure in the same job submission fashion as OCTOPUS. Please see the following page for detail.
Press release

For those who use OCTOPUS general-purpose CPU nodes, we are looking for people who can cooperate in this test of performance measurement, comparison, etc. This test will be finished by March 31, 2021. Users that Cybermedia center finished this test are able to use a public cloud resource of Cybermedia center until using up. Please forgive that we choose several applications in the case that there are many applicants.

Application conditions

Application period 28 Decenber - 20 January
test period 31 March
Qualification users of OCTOPUS General purpose CPU nodes
Number of program A small number
(In case of too many applications, we will carefully select application while taking various areas of balance into consideration)
Application method Please apply from the bottom web form

† Extended the deadline.


The hardware configuration of the compute node on Azure is partly different from the OCTOPUS general-purpose CPU node.

general-purpose CPU node
processor: Intel Xeon Gold 6126 * 2
      (Skylake / 2.6 GHz 12cores * 2)
main memory: 192GB
Microsoft Azure
compute node: Standard D48ds_v4
processor: Intel Xeon Platinum 8272CL * 1
      (Cascadelake / 2.5GHz 48cores)
main memory: 192GB
OS image: CentOS 7.9
  • We give your OCTOPUS account authority to submit a job to Azure from OCTOPUS login server.
  • You can submit a job to OCTOPUS during this test as normal.
  • Computing nodes on Azure are able to access OCTOPUS file system. Computing nodes on Azure can execute any application installed on OCTOPUS.
  • the main target of this test is users executing on 1 node. users executing on multi nodes are available also, but please note that network performance between computing nodes is maximum 2.5Gbps.
  • We contact later you about how to use Azure on OCTOPUS.

  • Date : until 31 March
    Instructor: Cybermedia Center
    Venue: -
    Type : verification test
    Quota: a small number
    Application deadline: 20 January