Support Program for Re-Challenging GPU


This program is for those who have given up trying to use the GPU installed in OCTOPUS and SQUID, and those who are having trouble performance when trying to use the GPU, and we are looking for programs (non-commercial) that are expected to be faster. We will take care of the program of those who applied at this center and provide tuning support with the cooperation of NEC Corporation the operating vendor of OCTOPUS and SQUID.

Please note that if there are many applicants, we may select the persons this program applies to based on the usage history of the Center. We are sorry but even if you apply, we may refuse your application.

We are looking forward to your application.

Application Guidelines

Application period 2023.1.16, (Mon) - 2023.1.27, (Fri)
Application requirements Users of this center's large-scale computer system
The number of programs Approximate number
How to apply Please fill out the application form and send it to the Cybermedia Center Large-Scale Computer Systems Officer(
Application form

Date : 2023.1.16, (Mon) – 2023.1.27, (Fri)
Instructor: Organizer: Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
     Co-organizer: NEC Corporation
Venue: -
Type : Tuning support
Quota: -
Application deadline: 2023.1.27, (Fri),