(Closed) Updating HPCI Gfarm client (Sep 28)

Please note that we will maintenance for updating the Gfarm client on the following date.
 Date: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 28, 2016
- The login server for GSI-SSH, "glogin.hpc.cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp", may temporally stop for the maintenance . Because "glogin.hpc.cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp" is redundant configuration, if you will re-login, you can continue to use our system.
- Please take care not to use Gfarm during the maintenance.
- The following system will service normally.
SX-ACE(dedicated and shared use), VCC(dedicated and shared use), Application(license server),
HCC, Frontend server, Login server, Storage service
Web system for users(利用者ポータルサイト、利用者管理WEBシステム、WEB利用申請システム)

Posted : September 26,2016