(Closed) SQUID will be temporally stopped for urgent maintenance (Mar 7)

(add at 14:00 March 7)
We finished this maintenance.
We are performing urgent maintenance to investigate and recover from the following problems that have been occurring at SQUID since March 3.
- Unable to log in normally to the front-end server.
- Even if the login succeeds, access to the file system and Cannot submit jobs.
Period: Monday, March 7, 7:00 - 14:00
Impact: We stop SQUID compute nodes, front-end servers, ONION-file, and WEB system license servers during the above period.
OCTOPUS, ONION-object, and Shibboleth authentication services will be provided normally during the above period. However, please note that access to the SQUID file system from OCTOPUS will not be available.

Posted : March 07,2022