(Closed) SQUID will be temporally stopped for urgent maintenance (Oct 21)

(at 19:00 October 21)
We finished this maintenance.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Some jobs have the following problem on SQUID now:
- some jobs do not stop when calculation finished
- some jobs do not receive "qdel" command. you cannot delete your job
- some jobs repeat QUE and PRR status and do not begin to execute
We will inform a detail as soon as we finished the investigation.
We are going to perform urgent maintenance as the following:
20 Oct
We stop all SQUID queue sequentially as soon as it is ready. If your job has been running, keep running. However, If your job has not been running and is only scheduled (your job's status is "ASG"), it goes back "QUE" and we reset Planned Start Time.
21 Oct
We are going to perform emergency maintenance from 9:00 to 19:00. If your job will have been running at 9:00, we re-run this job.
this maintenance is performed only SQUID. You can use OCTOPUS and the other web service as usual.

Posted : October 20,2022