Holding an orientation for a research proposal based use (Sep 12)

We are going to hold an orientation for our "research proposal based use" on September 12, 1:30 a.m.
"research proposal based use" is free from paying for your service charge.
Our large-scale computer systems including vector-typed and scaler-typed computational resources are available for project use in accordance with the purposes of JHPCN and HPCI. To promote research projects which realize excellent science utilizing our supercomputer systems, we call for proposals of research projects using our computational resources. Calls for the research projects, eligibility, and the procedures are described below.

We are going to explain the detail for "research proposal based use" on this orientation. In addition, we are going to hold the consult session for users that examine concretely to apply "research proposal based use". Please see the following link for the detail.

an orientation for a research proposal based use

Posted : August 22,2017