[Follow-up] Our Business continuity planning(BCP) in response to the Japanese government Emergency declaration based on the Special Measures Act

In response to the lifting of the state-of-emergency declaration, Osaka University aims to return to normal operation over an extended period while gradually relaxing its own response levels. For the purpose of preventing further spread of COVID-19, the supercomputing team of the Cybermedia Center had moved to "remote work", meaning that our team works at home, on 14 April.
Osaka University relaxes our response levels from 1 July. The supercomputing team of the Cybermedia Center will work as usual in compliance with this.
Regardless of the above response levels, you can use our supercomputing service as usual.
If you have any questions and concerns, please contact us either from our inquiry form or system@cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp.

Posted : July 01,2020