Holding a rack design contest for the new supercomputer system "SQUID"

Cybermedia Center Osaka University will start the computing service of SQUID (Supercomputer for Quest to Unsolved Interdisciplinary Datascience) from May 2021. The supercomputer system is expected to be utilized by researchers and engineers in academia and industry.
As one of celebration events, we publicly call for the rack design of SQUID to be "the face of SQUID system".
The adopted rack designed will be put into the series of computing racks (1,950mm x 3,600mm) on the IT core building, our data center facility. Also, it will be widely used for the advertisement of the system through our project web page, advertisement materials and so on.
Please see the following page for a detail:
about SQUID SQUID rack design contest

Posted : December 21,2020