Call for research project additional proposals that require our supercomputer system (FY 2021 add)

We call for proposal of research projects using our supercomputer system (FY 2021) like we did last year.
Our supercomputer system including vector-typed and scaler-typed computational resources are available for project use in accordance with the purpose of JHPCN and HPCI. In order to promote research projects which aim to realize an excellent science achievement by utilizing our supercomputer systems, we call for proposals of research projects using our computational resources.


In FY 2021, The Cybermedia Center seeks proposals from three categories below:

    (1)Exploratory Research Project for Young or Women Scientists: a small number projects
    (2)Full Utilizing Large Scale High-Performance Computing Project: a small number projects
    (3) [special] AI Research projects: a small number projects

    Our system usage fee for the proposed research project is supported by our center.



Announce for proposal of research projects Distribute the Opening Date : Mar 15, 2021
Closing Date : Apr 16, 2021
Announcement of accepted projects: May mid, 2021
Project Start Date : Jun 1, 2021


Please see this page about the detail.

Posted : March 15,2021