We have released a web page about a data aggregation infrastructure "ONION"

ONION consists of "EXAScaler" as SQUID's file system, "ONION-file" as web storage service, and "ONION-object" as object storage. ONION makes it easy to move data between your environment and the supercomputer. In addition, you can use in a variety of ways, such as soon sharing calculation results on SQUID or OCTOPUS with overseas or corporate collaborators who do not have a these account, or manipulating data from a smartphone. Of course, you can use to store and share research data in the laboratory. Please see the following page for a detail:
ONION How to use ONION
EXAScaler and ONION-file are provided as part of SQUID. ONION-object is an independent system from SQUID, and requires a separate application. Please refer to this page for service overview, consultation and application.

Posted : October 28,2021