Congestion on OCTOPUS general-purpose CPU nodes

Currently, OCTOPUS general-purpose CPU nodes are congested.
As a result, there is a possibility that the waiting time before a job starts executing may be longer.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please also refer to the information on this page.

OCTOPUS also operates a group of XeonPhi nodes with Intel CPUs and a group of nodes with Large-scale shared-memory nodes.
Basically, calculations performed on general-purpose CPU nodes can also be performed on these nodes, so please consider using them.

However, the number of cores per node and the main memory capacity differ from the general-purpose CPU nodes, so please check this page before use.

For detailed information on how to use each node group, please refer to the following pages.


For those who wish to use the Large-scale shared-memory nodes, please submit the application form from this page.

Please note that when executing jobs on the above nodes,the value of the consumption coefficient when calculating consumption points will also change,so please pay attention to the degree to which points are reduced.

Posted : January 15,2024