We are releasing etc publication pertaining to the Cybermedia Center’s large-scale computer systems.

Publication in the past

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Supercomputing Contest 2017 poster

This’s the poster of Supercomputing Contest 2017 (Aug 21-25,2017).

Research Proposal Based Use 2017 poster

This’s the poster of Research Proposal Based Use 2017.

OCTOPUS poster

This’s the poster of OCTOPUS.

OCTOPUS pamphlet

This’s the pamphlet of OCTOPUS.


第4回HPCI成果報告会(2017年11月2日) ポスターセッションに展示したポスターです。

Large-scale Computing and Visualization Systems at the Cybermedia Center (SC17)

We exhibited this poster at the SC2016, the supercomputing conference and exhibition at US, Denver. This poster is the introduction about our large-scale computing and visualization systems. If you want to know about our activities at SC, Please see this site.