Radiation Reaction in the Interaction of Ultraintense Laser with Matter and Gamma Ray Source


Ong Jian Fuh

Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University

Radiation reaction (RR) force plays an important role in gamma ray production in the interaction of ultraintense laser with relativistic counterpropagating electron at intensity 1022 W/cm2 and beyond. The relationship between emission spectrum and initial kinetic energy of electron at such intensities is yet to be clear experimentally. On the other hand, the energy from both the relativistic electron beam and laser pulse may be converted into the gamma rays. Therefore, the conversion efficiency of energy purely from laser pulse into gamma rays is of great interest. For an electron bunch, the laser field has to be treated self-consistently by solving Maxwell’s equations. A full 3-D particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation has to be carried out in order to obtain accurate description for radiation emission by electron in laser field.


Posted : March 31,2016