3-D flow and water-quality simulations in an estuary with high-resolution grid system


Authors:Yusuke Nakatani Haruka Ishibashi Hikaru Oshiro Yutaro Naka 

Affiliation:Division of Global Architecture Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University



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(Journal paper)

  • 西田修三,岡田浩明,中谷祐介,中友太郎:発電所取放水を利用した高閉鎖性海域の流動制御に関する検討,土木学会論文集B2(海岸工学),73(3),I_1195-I_1200,2017


(International conference paper)

  • Nakatani, Y., Naka, Y., Nishida, S., and Taniguchi, K.: Behavior analysis of scum deposited from a combined sewer system in urban river system, 15th Estuarine Coastal Modeling Conference (ECM15), Seattle, June, 2018. (under review)



  • HPSC-News Vol.3「大阪湾の流動・水質シミュレーション」


Posted : March 01,2018