Study on Fundamental Phenomena of Detonation and Its Application


Authors:Nobuyuki Tsuboi

Affiliation:Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology



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(Journal paper)

  • Nicolas Jourdaine, Nobuyuki Tsuboi, Kohei Ozawa, Takayuki Kojima, A. Koichi Hayashi, Three-dimensional numerical thrust performance analysis of hydrogen fuel mixture rotating detonation engine with aerospike nozzle, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37(3), pp. 3443-3451.
  • Ayu Ago, Nobuyuki Tsuboi, Edyta Dzieminska & A. Koichi Hayashi, Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Detonation Transition with Multi-Step Reaction Model: Effects of Obstacle Height, Combustion Science and Technology, August 2018.


(International conference paper)

  • Tomohiro Watanabe, Nicolas H. Jourdaine, Kohei Ozawa, Nobuyui Tsuboi, Takayuki Kojima, A. Koichi Hayashi, “Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Disk Rotating Detonation Engine; Unsteady Flow Structure”, AIAA SciTech2019, AIAA-2019-1498, San Diego, USA, January, 2019.


(Domestic conference/workshop)

  • 吾郷愛由,坪井伸幸,小澤晃平&林光一,“Artificial Thickening Flame法を用いた障害物を有する管内でのデトネーション遷移に関する数値解析”,第56回燃焼シンポジウム 2018/11/14
  • 岩﨑幹太,吾郷愛由,坪井伸幸,小澤晃平&林光一,“障害物を有する管内での酸水素デトネーション遷移の2次元数値解析:実験との比較”,日本機械学会 九州支部 第72期総会・講演会 2019/03/14
  • 渡部友裕,JOURDAINE Nicolas ,小澤晃平,坪井伸幸,小島孝之,林光一,“3次元数値解析によるディスク型回転デトネーションエンジン内部の流れ場評価”,第56回燃焼シンポジウム,B132,2018.11


Posted : March 29,2019