Numerical Simulation on Reaction and Transport Processes in Large-scale Porous Media


Authors:Shohji Tsushima

AffiliationDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering



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(International conference paper)

  • N. Miyazawa, M. Doi, T. Suzuki, S. Tsushima, "Electrochemical and Flow Fields Simulation in Ordered and Disordered Fibrous Electrodes by High Schmidt Number Lattice Boltzmann Method", 240th meeting of Electrochemical Society, MA2021-A01-0169, Oct. 2021.

  • N. Miyazawa, T. Suzuki, S. Tsushima, "Investigation of Effects of Engineered Pores in a Fibrous Electrode on Reaction and Transport Properties in Vanadium Redox Flow Battery By Lattice Boltzmann Simulation", 239th meeting of Electrochemical Society, MA2021-A03-0217, May 2021.


(Domestic conference/workshop)

  • 宮澤直之,鈴木崇弘,津島将司,"レドックスフロー電池ファイバー電極における貫通孔導入に関するLBM解析",第58回伝熱シンポジウム, B233, May 2021.


Posted : March 01,2022