Interfacial ionic liquids simulated by quantum chemical calculations and molecular dynamics simulations


Authors:MATSUMOTO Yoshiaki, TARUI Shota, KAKINOKI Tomonori, HANAMORI Yu-ichiro, MOCHIDUKI Tatsuro

Affiliation:Osaka University



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(Journal paper)

  • M. Imai, I. Tanabe∗, T. Sato and K. Fukui∗,
    “Local Structures and Dynamics of Interfacial Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid depending on the Electrode Potential using Electrochemical Attenuated Total Reflectance Ultraviolet Spectroscopy” Spectrochim. Acta, Part A, 273, 121040 (2022).


(Domestic conference/workshop)

  • Yoshiaki Matsumoto, Ichiro Tanabe, Yoshitaka Morikawa, Ken-ichi Fukui: “Analysis of local structure of interfacial IL for Electric Double Layer Organic FET by MD calculation” THE 22ND INTERNATIONAL VACUUM CONGRESS IVC-22, 2022.9.11-16 (Sapporo, Japan)
  • Tomonori Kakinoki, Ichiro Tanabe, Ken-ichi Oyaizu, Ken-ichi Fukui: “Spectroscopic Analysis of a Hydrogen Storing Polymer / Electrode Interface During the Electrochemical Storing by Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy” THE 22ND INTERNATIONAL VACUUM CONGRESS IVC-22, 2022.9.11-16 (Sapporo, Japan)


Posted : March 01,2023