Users are requested to submit a report pertaining to your research achievement and progress using our large-scale computer systems.
Pleases submit your "Report on system use" and "Research achievement report" following the instructions below.
The submitted "Report on system use" and "Research achievement report" might be used for this web page and Cybermedia Center's advertisement materials.
* If some users in the same group have same researchers, you can unify and submit one report.
* User of "HPCI" or "JHPCN" or "Research proposal based use" do not need to submit this report.
* We will get in touch with user of "research proposal based use" again later.


Instruction for making report

    Report on system use and Research achievement report needs to conform to the following formarts respectively


    Report on system use

      Please summarize the following items in a A4 slide. Please use Microsoft® PowerPoint.
      (1) Research theme or title
      (2) Name and Affiliation
      (3) Research purpose
      (4) Overview of research
      (5) Result and figure
      (6) computer systems used for your research
      (7) Etc.(number of CPUs, memory size required for computation, vectorization ratio, software name, and so on)
      An example
      The template is available.
      Template of "Report on system use"

    Research achievement report

      Please summarize the following information in a txt file or Ms Word.

      (1) Research theme or title (Japanese/English)
      (2) Name・Affiliation(Japanese/English)
      (3) Overview of research (100 - 300words)
      (4) Publication related to your research※
      (5) Number of academic degrees through this research
      * As to "(4) Publication related to your research", please itemize with the following categories. Please refer below.
      [achievement categories and format]
      (1) Journal paper :author, "paper title", journal name, vol.・no.・page, published date.
      (2) International conference paper :author, "paper title", conference name(proceeding), vol., no., page, published date.
      (3) Domestic conference/workshop :author "title", proceeding, vol., no., page, published date.
      (4) Book :author, "Book title", publisher, published date, style of writing.
      (5) Etc :author, "title", published date, place of presentation.


      [Journal paper]
        Handai Taro, Hanako Osaka, "xxx analysis", xxx journal, Vol.10, No.6, pp.19-30, Jan. 2021.
      [International conference paper]
        Taro Handai, "Achievement of xxx analysis", Proceedings of 3rd Engineering, pp.356-389, Nov. 2021.
      [Domestic conference/wokrshop]
        Handai Taro, Hanako Osaka, "Achievement of xxx analysis", xxx conference proceeding, pp.120-130, Aug. 2021.
        Taro Handai, Hanako Osaka, "About xxx", xxx publisher, Dec. 2021.
      Taro Hand


Way to submit

    Please e-mail your reports to the following address.
    The subject of e-mail should be "Report of system use in fiscal 2021"

    Place to submit:
    Osaka University Cybermedia Center
    Information and Communications Technology Services Infrastructure Division

Submission due

    Tuesday, April 5, 2022

After submission


    Osaka University Cybermedia Center
    Information and Communications Technology Services Infrastructure Division (TEL : 06-6879-8813)
    This form can be used based on inquiry contents.
    Form for inquires