This contest has been closed. Thank you very much for applying.

Contest Results

    To all of you who have entered the contest

      Daisuke Furihata
      SQUID Rack Design Contest Jury Chairperson
      Osaka University Cybermedia Center, Deputy Director, Professor

      Thank you very much for your application for the contest led by the Cybermedia Center, Osaka University. We are deeply moved by 59 entries for the contest, which is far beyond our expectations.

      All the submitted works had excellent designs and concepts, and all of them were things that we wanted to adopt as "the face of SQUID system". In fact, the selection of Best Design Award, Good Design Award, Honorable mention in the rack design contest was strictly blind judged by 20 members of the Osaka University Cybermedia Center and a judging committee composed of sponsors, but the selection was extremely difficult and took a long time. We sincerely apologize for the late announcement of the results as a result.

      We received many excellent works, and thanks to the kindness of supporting companies, we have decided to select 10 works in total. We selected 1 Best Design Award, 1 Good Design Award, and 8 Honorable mentions which was originally planned 3. The results will be announced below.

      Thanks to all of you those who have participated in the SQUID Rack Design Contest, SQUID, a supercomputer, which is created by academics, industry, and citizens will be completed.
      We are certain that SQUID of this center will become a supercomputer loved not only by researchers and engineers in industry and academia, but also by many people.

      Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you on behalf of the judges of the SQUID Rack Design Contest and the faculty and staff of the Cybermedia Center, Osaka University.



      宮本 要子 様


      Smito(飯田 澄人)様


      宮﨑 信行 様

      太田 裕人 様

      斉藤 豊 様


      野口 真喜 様

      北村 友莉 様

      SKY STAMP 様

      Atelier Madoka 様


Application Requirements

    Why don't you draw your design on the canvas on our supercomputer system ?
    Cybermedia Center Osaka University will start the computing service of SQUID (Supercomputer for Quest to Unsolved Interdisciplinary Datascience) from May 2021. The supercomputer system is expected to be utilized by researchers and engineers in academia and industry.

    As one of celebration events, we publicly call for the rack design of SQUID to be "the face of SQUID system".
    The adopted rack designed will be put into the series of computing racks (1,950mm x 3,600mm) on the IT core building, our data center facility. Also, it will be widely used for the advertisement of the system through our project web page, advertisement materials and so on.


    noon, February 15, 2021


    Best Design Award (x 1) - VISA gift card (300,000 JPY), Certification of the award
    Good Design Award (x 1) - VISA gift card (50,000 JPY100,000 JPY), Certification of the award
    Honorable mention (x 3) - VISA gift card (30,000 JPY), Certification of the award

    What we call for.

    "SQUID" rack design that can be associable with the following keywords.
    "Beloved From Everybody"
    "Cutting-edge Scientific Research"
    "Computer Simulation"
    "AI (Artificial Intelligence)"

    "SQUID" Computing racks.
    2D diagram

    "SQUID" Computing racks.
    Image of computing racks whether the design is put

    Past case (rack design for supercomputer "OCTOPUS", 2017)


    What to be submitted

    Your rack design

      Size: heign 195 mm, width 360 mm (one-hundredth of the rack size)
      File format: ".jpeg" or ".pdf" or ".ai"
      Color mode: CMYK
      Resolution: not lower than 1,000 dpi

    Concept explanation sheet

      Please describe your concept behind your rack design


    How to submit

    Please e-mail your submission to the following address.
    * Limit one item per one people



    available to everybody(Each applicant is allowed to submit a design).

    Participation fee



    Review board which members of Cybermedia Center and Co-Host, Cooperationes, Secretariat.


    Notification of result

    Around the end of February 2021 is scheduled.Notification are sent to participants. Also, the notification will be planned on our contest web page.


    Proprietary right of submitted designs and copyright of awarded design is vested to the Cybermedia Center Osaka University.


    Cybermedia Center Osaka University


    NEC Corporation


    Intel Corporation
    Cloudian, Inc.
    DataDirect Networks Japan, Inc.
    Microsoft Japan
    NVIDIA Corporation
    Oracle Corporation Japan



    Submission and Inquiry
    Osaka University Cybermedia Center
    Information and Communications Technology Services Infrastructure Division