Our Center's large-scale computer service provides the following applications.


Applications are available either of the following ways:
(Application software with (*) can only be executed on large-scale computer systems).


  • Execute on our large-scale computer systems.
  • Borrow application installation media and install to your PC using the media.
    This option is limited to students, staff, and faculties in Osaka University.


Please read through the following pages for how-to-use our service and for service requests.
Application software with (*) is under a trial service, which means that technical service is not provided although primitive support regarding its usage is possible. Please pay attention to our service policy.


Visualization software

AVS/Express, Visualization software

IDL, Visualization software
VisIt, Visualization software



Gaussian09, ab initio molecular orbital calculation program
Gaussian16, ab initio molecular orbital calculation program



GROMACS, molecular dynamics simulation software(*)



LAMMPS, molecular dynamics simulation software(*)



OpenFOAM, CFD toolbox(*)



Relion, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology(*)


Quantum Espresso

Quantum Espresso(*)


FLASH code

FLASH code, Physics Solver(*)


For your reference

How to login
How to use Application on X server environment
User's Manual(Authentication with user ID is required.)