Can the job submission status be viewed by a third party?

In our system, there are "qstatall" and "sstatall" commands that display all submitted jobs in order to view the congestion. However, jobs submitted by users other than you and your group are displayed with the user name and script name masked. Therefore, users who are out of the group can not confirm "Who is submitting what kind of job?"

For details on the qstatall and sstatall commands and a sample of the displayed contents, refer to the following page.
scheduler commands(OCTOPUS)
scheduler commands(SQUID)


When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "Setting locale failed.".

Our frontend server takes over a locale setting of your terminal for ssh client, Mac OS. "SendEnv" setting of your terminal occur it. Please try the following two ways.

Modify on "/etc/ssh_config"

Please comment out "SendEnv" setting by # mark on "/etc/ssh_config" as following.
Make sure that it must be done before connecting to frontend server.

    Host *
    # SendEnv LANG LC_*


write a locale setting on profile

If you want that ssh server take over a locale setting from your terminal but you want to resolve this problem, please write in bash_profile as following

    LC_ALL=en.US UTF=8



May I execute qstat or sstat command at regular intervals?

While executing qstat and sstat command, our system consume one license of them. A number of licenses is enough for normal usage. But, if many user execute at regular intervals, licenses may be shortage. In this case, many user will not be able to execute these command.
Please refrain from executing at regular intervals. If you have to do absolutely, please execute at 10 minute intervals.


I want to install an application and a library.

If you install any library and application to your disk, our permits are not necessary.
If you expect that center install any library and application to a whole of system, please contact us from the following web form:
Inquiry / Request form

Please note that we may not permit or we may ask to install with yourself, depending on the kind of library and application.


Could I use Python?

Yes. We provide Python on all system.


Could I transfer or share a file among users ?

On our large-scale computing system, You can not use SFTP or SSH, SCP, etc from front-end server.
And also you can not change group and can not share in permission of group.
You can use SFTP among front-end server and local server(your terminal). Please transfer a file through your terminal to other user.


When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "NQSconnect: [BSV ELICENSE] nqscui license was exceeded.".

This error message means that these commands exceeded license number limit already.
We have readied a enough number of license. But, in the case that executing these commands are concentrated in same time, it may exceeded license number limit. If you see this message, please inform us.
Form for Inquiries


I can connect to the server with ssh but not with sftp/scp.

Please confirm if you are not invoking other shell in ".cshrc" file.
The sftp-server process need to start from csh. If you are invoking other shell, it can not connect, then it will be timeout. Please delete the command line which invoke other shell in ".cshrc", and try again.

If it will not be solved, please contact us from the inquiry form below.

Form for inquiries


Can I use bash?

Yes, you can use it.
A login shell is set to csh by default on SX-ACE and VCC. How to change shell is the following.

$ bash

If you want to change login shell from csh to bash, please describe the following in ".cshrc" file on home directory.

exec bash

It is necessary to prepare ".bashrc" file by yourself When you set an alias to bash.
A login shell is set to bash by default on OCTOPUS.