I want to mount HPCI shared storage from a not-HPCI group. / I want to mount HPCI shared storage for a project not using Osaka University.

How to mount HPCI shared storage is the following. However, you have to prepare a mount point directory in advance.
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1. store your proxy certificate in the repository on HPCI Certificate Issuing System.

2. login our login server and enter the following command:

myproxy-logon -s portal.hpci.nii.ac.jp -l hpciXXXX(HPCI-ID) -t168


3. mount HPCI shared storage to /gfarm/(project ID)/(user ID)directory (mount point).



4. un-mount HPCI shared storage after use.



please see "HPCI Shared Storage User Manual" on this page for a detail.


What is the different between HPCI account and local account ?

Please see the following manual page.
HPCI Manuals


In the following case, we will create same account for HPCI account and local account.
Primary center : Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
HPCI system provider : Cybermedia Center, Osaka University


In the case of non-residents of Japan, could I get the HPCI-ID ?

You can get the HPCI-ID from the HPCI online application system. Please note that you must provide the place of residency to the registration form. Please see 11-12 page of "HPCI Quick Start Guide" on the following page about the detail.
HPCI Manual