(Closed) The large-scale computer system will be temporally stopped for maintenance (Mar. 31 - Apr. 6)

Please note that the large-scale computer system and web system service will be temporally stopped for system maintenance. To use our system in the next fiscal year, it is necessary to apply "service application for the next fiscal year" by this maintenance. The account that not submitted "service application for next fiscal year" will be stopped by this maintenance.
If you can not apply it before the maintenance by unavoidable circumstances, please contact us from the inquiry WEB form.

Maintenance date : March 31, 2023 noon - April 6, 2023 noon

a influence by the maintenance

    All system will be stopped. Users cannot log in and submit jobs during the maintenance process. Note that the job will not run if you specified a time exceeded maintenance start time for "elapstim_req". We delete(qdel) jobs not executing at the beginning of maintenance.

    ExaScaler, ONION-object, and ONION-file will be stopped. Users cannot log in and access data during the maintenance process.

  • WEB system
    The following WEB system will be stopped.
    Users cannot access during the maintenance process.


  • HPCI shibboleth server
    It will be stopped. Please note that users who have set Osaka university primary center cannot log in HPCI system.

Thank you for your understanding.

Posted : March 08,2022