(Important) About report submission in fiscal 2016 (Submission due : Apr 10)

Please be sure to submit this report, if you used our large-scale computer system in 2016 fiscal year!

We announce about report submission in this fiscal year.
Users are requested to submit a report pertaining to your research achievement and progress using our large-scale computer systems. Pleases submit your “Report on system use” and “Research achievement report” .

* If some users in same group have same researches, you can unify and submit one report.
* User of "HPCI" or "JHPCN" or "Research Proposal-based Use" do not need to submit this report.
Please see the following page about the way of making and submitting.
About report submission
Submission due: Monday, April 10, 2017


Please inquiry on the following page, if you have any questions.
Inquiry form

Posted : February 08,2017