Study on Fundamental Phenomena of Detonation and Its Application


Authors:Nobuyuki Tsuboi

Affiliation:Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology



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(Journal paper)

  • Tsuboi, N., Hayashi, A. K., Tamauchi, Y., Kodama, T., Numerical Simulation of the Deflagration to Detonation Transition in a Tube with Repeated Obstacles: Experimental Scale Simulation Using the Artificial Thickened Flame Method, Transactions on Aerospace Research, 4(265), pp.41-52, 2021.


(International conference paper)

  • Keisuke Yoshidomi, Nobuhiro Kurita, Kohei Ozawa, Nobuyuki Tsuboi, A Koichi Hayashi, Hideto Kawashima, “Numerical Simulation on Rotating Detonation Engine: Effect of Number of Injection Ports in Non-Premixed H2-O2 Gases”, AIAA SciTech2022, AIAA 2022-1112, San Diego, CA & Virtual, January 2022.


(Domestic conference/workshop)

  • 井上 豪 ,坪井 伸幸,小澤 晃平,林 光一,“詳細化学反応モデルを用いたアンモニア/空気予混合気の爆轟に関する二次元数値解析 -水素混焼による影響の評価-”, C224, 2021


Posted : March 01,2022