To use the large-scale computer systems offered by the Cybermedia Center, users need to pay a service charge. The service charge is necessary to satisfy the users' requests and requirements. The charge then helps to improve the quality of our service although the Cybermedia Center is financially supported in part for completion of our mission. The service charge is in proportion to the user's amount of consumed computational resources. "Node-hour" in shared-use mode is explained here. "OCTOPUS point" in OCTOPUS shared-use mode is explained here.


Service charge list

Rule excerpt from the "Service Charge Rule of Osaka University, Section 3, Part 17, Service charge of the Cybermedia Center's large-scale computer systems".

Service charge list (since Apr. 1 2021)

(1)Service charge for OCTOPUS

(A) dedicated-use mode
Basic charge number of dedicated-use nodes
191,000 JPY/Year General purpose CPU cluster 1 node
793,000 JPY/Year GPU cluster 1 node
154,000 JPY/Year Xeon Phi cluster 1 node
(B) shared-use mode
Course Basic charge number of available OCTOPUS point
0.1 million JPY 1,000 points
0.5 million JPY 5,250 points
1 million JPY 11,000 points
3 million JPY 34,500 points
5 million JPY 60,000 points
(C) additional disk of OCTOPUS
basic charge additional storage size
2,000 JPY/Year 3 TB


    • 10-percent consumption tax of the total service charge is added based on the above rule.
      Note that the total service charge is calculated as follows in the case of Industrial use (non-disclosure type). The service charge based on the above rule is multiplied by 5 and then 10-percent consumption tax of the multiplied service charge is added.
    • The service charge is only valid within the Japanese fiscal year.
    • 3 TB disk space is allocated to each application request.
      This allocation is only valid for the first application.
    • In (A), a contract change request is accepted only when users request adding node-hours.
    • In (A), the basic charge for more than 2 nodes is calculated in proportion to the node number based on the basic charge of 1 node.
    • In (A), we might accept the users' application requests for more than 10 nodes on the basis of a three-month period.
      In this case, the service charge per month is one-tenth of the basic charge for a 1 node-year.
    • In (B), users are not allowed to change courses.
      However, a request for additional courses is permitted.
    • The consumed OCTOPUS point is calculated as follows: The consumed node-hours is multiplied by consumption and seasonal coefficients. Seasonal coefficient is set to a value (0<value<=1) based on the system utilization situation in the previous fiscal year.
        Node type Consumption coefficient Seasonal coefficient
        Apr-Jun Jul-Nov Oct-Dec Jan-Mar
        General purpose CPU node 0.0520 0.9 1 1 1
        GPU node 0.2173 0.9 1 1 1
        Xeon Phi node 0.0418 0.7 1 1 1
        Large-scale shared-memory node 0.3703 0.5 1 1 1

        The detail information about OCTOPUS point is here

    • (C) is only valid within the Japanese fiscal year.
    • In (C), 500 TB is the upper limit per a single application request.