SQUID(Supercomputer for Quest to Unsolved Interdisciplinary Datascience) starts operation on May 6, 2021. This system is composed of different types of 3 clusters, General purpose CPU nodes, GPU nodes, Vector nodes. Total Peak performance is 16.591 PFLOPS.
As a part of the operating test, we provide SQUID computing services to the current users and the possible future users without imposing a service charge for the first four months from May Middle, 2021, until July. If you are not satisfied with computing resources in your laboratory, you just want to use cutting-edge accelerators and brand-new processors, please try to use our new over-petascale universal supercomputing system named SQUID. Of course, also in the case you have no experience of using any supercomputer systems, don't hesitate to try.

System Configuration

Theoretical Computing Speed 16.591 PFLOPS
Compute Node General purpose CPU nodes
1,520 nodes (8.871 PFLOPS)
CPU:Intel Xeon Platinum 8368 (Icelake / 2.4 GHz 38 cores) 2 CPUs
GPU nodes
42 nodes (6.797 PFLOPS)
CPU: Intel Xeon Platinum 8368 (Icelake / 2.4 GHz 38 cores) 2 CPUs
Memory: 512GB
GPU:NVIDIA A100 8 units
Vector nodes
36 nodes (0.922 PFLOPS)
CPU: AMD EPYC 7402P (2.8 GHz 24 cores) 1 CPU
Memory: 128GB
Vector Engine: NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA Type20A 8 units
Storage DDN EXAScaler (Lustre) HDD:20.0 PB
NVMe:1.2 PB
Interconnect Mellanox InfiniBand HDR (200 Gbps)


SQUID Free trial program

Period Middle May 2021 – July 20 2021(scheduled)
Trial Target All of computing nodes on SQUID (1598 nodes)
- Waiting time is there due to shared use.
- The upper limit of simultaneous execution and elapse time is set.
Storage (HDD: 20.0 PB)
- 5TB per 1 group.
- In the case that data to be migrated is more than 5.0TB, we set the upper limit and let you know it.

Storage (SSD: 1.2 PB)
- 1TB only for those who apply to SSD use.

Quota None
Remarks - For moving onto service charged operation of SQUID, this plan may be subject to change.
- As to account and data after the SQUID free trial program is finished, we will announce.
- We will ask for a questionnaire for you during the Free Trial program. Please cooperate with our survey.

Advertising Resources - Poster
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Application form

    Please apply SQUID free trial from the following form:

    申請者情報 / Applicant

    氏名(必須)/ Name (required)
    フリガナ / Kana


    所属機関情報 / Affiliation

    法人分類(必須) / Corporation classification (required)
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    指導教員 / Supervisor


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    外為法 / Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law

    国籍(必須) / Nationality(required)
    居住地(必須) / Residence(required)
    居住開始日 / Residence start date
    勤務地(必須) / Work location(required)
    利用申請にあたっては、輸出貿易関連法規に違反しないことを確認して下さい。 詳細はこちら(必須)/
    Make sure that you do not violate the export trade-related laws and regulations. Detail is here.(required)



    SSD(1TB)の利用を希望しますか? / Would you like to use SSD(1TB) ?
    連絡事項等をご記入ください / If there are any special instructions, please enter them in the remarks column.