The free trial program of SQUID will be finished at the end of July, 2021 and we are going to move to the official operation of SQUID for a fee from August 2021. Please fill out the application form in the case that you want to use SQUID from now on.
The application period for the service of SQUID and the the starting date of the service is as follows. In case that the computational resources of SQUID run out, we will stop receiving the application requests.

    SQUID service application start SQUID service start
    academic users who are currently using the free trial program 19 July, 2021, 5:00 p.m. - 2 Aug, 2021
    academic users who are NOT currently using the free trial program 2 Aug, 2021 2 Aug, 2021 -
    Industry users Currently accepting 2 Aug, 2021 -

(Aug 2 add)
- We open an application for SQUID dedicated use. Please see this section for a detail.
- If you can not apply to the use of supercomputer systems, we said your account is suspend at the end of July. However, we put of it. please see this section for a detail.


GUIDE to SQUID service for a fee

available supercomputing systems

You can apply both OCTOPUS and SQUID services at the same time. The detail of each system is available below.

Qualification/Rule for CMC service/Service Charge

Please check the page below.
Qualification and Rule for CMC service Service Charge
The term "node-hour' in shared use is explained here. The term "SQUID point" in SQUID shared use is described here. In this application period, only application to "SQUID shared use" is accepted.

Service period

The service period for the application this time is until the end of this academic year (by the end of March). SQUID/OCTOPUS points are all removed. The right for dedicated use is lost.

Maximum number of users

In an application, multiple users can be registered. Although we do not limit the upper limit of users in an application, you should be aware of the existence of node-hour and storage amount. The node-hour and storage are shared by users registered in the application.
The representative of the application can add, remove and change the members of users registered in the application.



All users must submit the result and progress of your activities using our supercomputing system s every academic year. The achievements so far submitted by users are on the page below.
Achievement list


All of users can receive user supports if needed. Please do not hesitate asking for the supports. In addition, a variety of training sessions and seminars related to the use of supercomputing systems are held regularly. For the sessions and seminars, you can participate irrespective of user registration.
Consultation Training session 


How to apply

How to apply depends on your status and usage of supercomputing systems.
Academic users who are currently using the free trial program
Academic users who are NOT currently using the free trial program
Industry users


Academic users who are currently using the free trial program

You can fill out an application form from 17:00 in July 19 through "User management system". You need to log-in with your user account and fill out "add resource application". The procedure is detailed here. The approval of your application will be done around Aug.2-3.
User management system
Be careful in application

  • In the case that you have utilized SX-ACE and/or OCTOPUS in the last academic year, you may have more than 5Tb assigned in your work area. The upper limit of storage is reset to 5TB after the free trial program of SQUID. SO, you may need to add your storage amount.
  • Multiple users can use our supercomputing system under an application. Please add users according to the procedure here if you need. New accounts are issued for additional users.


Academic users who are NOT currently using the free trial program

The application starts on Aug.2 Please wait for a while.


Industry users

The review of application is required in advance. Please submit your application according to the page here. The application period is from July 6. After your application is approved, you can use our systems later than Aug. 2.


What happens to my account and data in the free trial program if I do not apply to the use of supercomputer systems from August 2021?

Your account is suspended and you cannot access the data. Your account and data will be deleted at the end of March 2022.
(Aug 2 add)
You can not submit a new job and write data from the end of July, 2021.
You can not login ann access data from the end of August, 2021.
We delete UserID and data at the end of March, 2022.


How much resources should I apply in an application ?

Please estimate your resource amount looking at "node-hour" and "squid point". You can check them using the "usage_view" command.

  • Below is an example of the usage_view command output. In this example, 30,000 SQUID points are consumed by the whole group users. (Group summary->Bonus points->usage)
  • The content indicates that 50000 node-hour for CPU nodes, 40,000 node-hour for GPU nodes, and 30,000 node-hour for vector nodes(Node-hours->Usage(Bonus)).