We provide 3.1 PB storage for file system of OCTOPUS. The file system has two areas, "home area" and "work area".


home area

This area is a login directory. We allocate 10 GB to all users as home area. home area is the following path:

/octfs/home/(User ID)

for instance, in the case of User ID "user001", home area is "/octfs/home/user001".

work area

This area is able to expanse quota depending on your application. We allocate 3 TB to all user group as work area at first. Please notice that the usage is amount of home area and work area. work area is the folowing path:

/octfs/work/(Group name)/(User ID)

for instance, in the case of User ID "user001" in Group "G00001", work area is "/octfs/work/G00001/user001". Please check your group name with "groups" command.

Command for checking disk resource usage

Please use usage_view command. This command shows the information of node-hours consumed on OCTOPUS by the user and the user's group. Also, disk usage by the user and the user's group are displayed. The detail is following page.

How to Check for Resource Usage


OCTOPUS is operated with the utmost care by Cybermedia Center and NEC Corporation, the vendor of OCTOPUS, but data is not backed up. Therefore, there is a possibility of data lost due to system failure, unforeseen accidents, or natural disasters. Cybermedia Center will not be responsible for any data lost, so please back up all necessary files by yourself.