I get a runtime error message "No PBS nodefile found" on MPI program.

If you did not specify "${NQSII_MPIOPTS}" when you execute MPI program, you will get the following error message:

[mpiexec@oct-***] HYDT_bscd_pbs_query_node_list (../../tools/bootstrap/external/pbs_query_node_list.c:23): No PBS nodefile found
[mpiexec@oct-***] HYDT_bsci_query_node_list (../../tools/bootstrap/src/bsci_query_node_list.c:19): RMK returned error while querying node list
[mpiexec@oct-***] main (../../ui/mpich/mpiexec.c:621): unable to query the RMK for a node list

Please see the following page about a sample job script for MPI program:
How to use Intel MPI on OCTOPUS

This error message notice that "nodefile" for MPI program does not exist. "nodefile" automatically is set by ${NQSII_MPIOPTS} on OCTOPUS.