The following applications are being accepted.

  • SQUID shared-use
  • SQUID General-purpose CPU node dedicated-use

You can use application software installed on these systems. We don't accept the application for "Only use application software".


How to apply

To use the large-scale computer systems offered by the Cybermedia Center, users need to pay a service charge.
The details of service charge is as follows:
Service Charge

After choose course and use-mode, please apply from following page.
First application for system use


Additional explanation for Service Charge

  • All users can use application softwares and file system.

  • SQUID user can use home area(/sqfs/home) up to 10GB, and one group can use work area(/sqfs/work) up to 5TB. If you need more capasity, please apply "additional storage".

  • "point" is a unit that appears amount of computational resources in SQUID shared-use. Please see here for the detail. "node hour" is a unit that appears amount of computational resources. 1 node-hour = the computational resource amount of 1 hour computation using 1 node. Please see here for the detail.

  • If you apply dedicated-use mode, your group dedicate some nodes. Because other groups can't uses dedicated nodes, your group doesn't wait to execute programs.

  • If Applicant isn't Japanese, please confirm "For foreign users". Especially note that foreigner must belong to Japanese educational, academic, reserch institute or stay Japan more than 6 months to use systems. For foreign users