vol.04 Numerical simulation of supersonic streamwise vortices induced by a strut injector


Researcher : Hiejima Toshihiko
Affiliation : Osaka Prefecture University, Graduate School of Engineering, Aerospace and Marine-System Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Assistant Professor
Abstract: The key to airbreathing hypersonic aircrafts, supersonic airplane and spaceplane, is to realize supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) engines. However, the residence time of air in combustor is supposed to be the order of milliseconds in terms of the length of the combustor. Under the condition, the main issue to address is effective fuel-oxidizer mixing in the engine over the short time scale of combustion. We challenge the issue using streamwise vortices induced by a strut injector, which are effective in supersonic mixing and combustion. To clarify physics and chemistry in the extreme environments (i.e., high speed, high temperature, and high pressure), supercomputers are very useful because experimental studies of supersonic combustion are difficult and expensive.

Posted : April 20,2018