R hands-on seminar 〜Let’s use R on OCTOPUS〜

Please note that this session will be given a lecture in Japanese.


  In this seminar, the basics of R programming and parallelism and the way to use R on our large-scale computer systems are treated in a hands-on manner. It comes with a "free trial account" that allows you to use your supercomputer freely for a week.
 R is a promising programming language for statistical computing. It is expected to be used in various scientific areas partly because it provides rich libraries for machine learning like Python. On the other hand, it requires a large amount of memory space for large-scale data analysis.


  • Those who have too much data to analyze on your commodity PC
  • Those who are interested in parallel computing in R


Note in taking this seminar

  • Online tools is used due to COVID-19.
  • Exercise is scheduled. Terminal software (TeraTerm, etc.) will be used, so please install it in advance. Also, please refer to here to check in advance about the connection to OCTOPUS.
  • Accounts issued for this seminar are available for a week even after this seminar.


Reference information

How to start R(OCTOPUS)

Seminar material

R hands-on seminar 〜Let’s use R on OCTOPUS〜 (Japanese only)

Date : Oct 2, 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Instructor: Dr. Yoshiyuki Kido, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
Venue: Online
Type : Lecture, Hands-on
Quota: 20
Application deadline: Oct 1, noon

Application acceptance has ended.