an explanatory session for supercomputer SQUID

This explanatory session is the same as the "an explanatory session for supercomputer SQUID" held on April 26th.


    This explanatory session explains the overview, characteristics of SQUID, how to use SQUID and the application procedure for SQUID use. The expected target is those who have experience of using supercomputing systems in supercomputing centers in universities.


    This session will be held online using "Webex".
    Please prepare a device that can be connected to the Internet.


    13:00-13:20 Explanation of purpose (Susumu Date, Cybermedia center)
    13:20-14:50 how to use SQUID (NEC)
    14:50-15:30 how to do the procedure for using SQUID (Technical staff, Cybermedia center)


Date : May 13, Thu 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Instructor: Cybermedia center
Venue: Online
Type : explanatory session
Quota: -
Application deadline: May 13