SX-Aurora TSUBASA Basics of acceleration techniques

Please note that this session will be given a lecture in Japanese.


In this workshop, we will explain performance measurement and basic tuning methods for the purpose of acceleration of programs that run on vector processors (SX-Aurora TSUBASA) installed on SQUID's vector nodes.
It comes with a "free trial account" that allows you to use the supercomputer freely for one week.

Highly recommended for...

  • Those who want to speed up the program of SX-Aurora TSUBASA, but do not know how to do it
  • Those who have a basic knowledge of Unix (e.g., who can use an editor)
  • Those who have C, Fortran programming experience


Important notice regarding taking this course

  • Because of COVID-19, this workshop is live-streamed online using online meeting tools.
    Please make sure you have an internet access.
  • Although we do not have a practical training at this workshop, will provide you "The free trial accounts" for the workshop for those who wish to use it.
  • You are free to use "The free trial accounts" for the workshop for one week after the workshop.



How to execute vector program

The materials for the training

How to use Fortran Compiler for Vector Engine
How to use C/C++ Compiler for Vector Engine
The materials for practice

Date : Jun 27, 13:30 -16:30
Instructor: NEC Corporation
Venue: Online Distribution
Type : Lecture
Quota: 30
Application deadline: Participation on the day is acceptable.

We have stopped accepting applications for this information seminar.