Cyber HPC Symposium 2018



Date: Mar 16, 2018, 9:30 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.(Start accepting 9:00 a.m.)
Venue: Osaka University Cybermedia Center (Suita Campus)
Cybermedia commons
Participation fee: Free
Organizer: Osaka University Cybermedia Center
Cooperation: The Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics



This symposium invites experts who have worked on large-scale computation, system administration and management, and security in industry-academia and considers the theme of high-performance computing infrastructure requiring data security, based on utilization examples of our large-scale computer system and trends of research and development.
If you want to participate this symposium, please apply from the web application form on the bottom of the page.



09:30-09:40 Introduction
Shinji Shimojo Osaka University
Cybermedia Center Director, Professor
09:40-10:30 Keynote Speech
"Advanced Academic Information Infrastructure Utilizing Clouds"
Kento Aida National Institute of Informatics
Professor, Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division / Director, Center for Cloud Research and Development
10:30-10:50 Morning Break
10:50-11:30 "Development of Next-generationin-silico drug discoveryand practical application to genomic medicine"
Mitsugu Araki Kyoto University
Program-Specific Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine
11:30-12:00 "Introduction and Invitation: OCTOPUS Hybrid Supercomputer"
Susumu Date Osaka University
Associate Professor, Cybermedia Center Applied Information System Research Division
12:00-01:30 Lunch Break
01:30-02:10 Guest Speech
"サイバーセキュリティ時代におけるお客様・社会を支える富士通の取り組み ~技術革新と人材育成の重要性~"
Taishu Ota 富士通株式会社
サイバーセキュリティ事業戦略本部 エバンジェリスト
02:10-02:50 "Dynamic and Secure Staging System for Defense-in-Depth Based on Confidentiality Level"
Yasuhiro Watashiba Osaka University
Associate Professor, Cybermedeia Center Advanced High-Performance Computing System Architecture
02:50-03:30 "Developing the Platform for Real-Scale Social Simulations Using HPC Resources"
Tadahiko Murata Kansai University
Professor at Faculty of Informatics
03:30-04:15 Afternoon Break(Tour for OCTOPUS)
04:15-05:45 Panel Discussion
"Security for HPC -From Users' and Administrators' Perspectives-"
Chairman Kiyokawa Kiyoshi Osaka University
Associate Professor, Cybermedia Center Informedia Education Research Division
Panelist Hiroki Kashiwazaki Osaka University
Associate Professor, Cybermedia Center University-wide Information and Communications Infrastructure Services Promotion Division
Eisaku SAKANE National Institute of Informatics
Project Associate Professor, Cyber Science Infrastructure Development Department, Academic Infrastructure Division
Hideo Nagatomo Osaka University
Associate Professor, Institute of Laser Engineering
Takeshi Nanri Associate Professor
Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University
Naoto Yanai Osaka University
Assistant Professor, Affiliation: Multimedia Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
06:00- Reception
Venue : Icho-Club(In Icho-Kaikan) Participation Fee : 2,500 JPY
->The place of Icho-Kaikan :Suita Campus Map Number11
Suita Campus Map[pdf]




Date : Mar 16, 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
(Start accepting 9:00 a.m.)
Instructor: Cybermedia Center
Venue: Osaka University Cybermedia Center (Suita Campus)
     Cybermedia commons
     -> The place of Cybermedia Center : Suita Campus Map Number 44
      Suita Campus Map[pdf]
Type : Symposium
Quota: 80 people
Application deadline: Mar 9(Fri)