(Closed) User management system and online application system will be temporally stopped for an update(Nov 20-)

Apr 1, 2018, add
利用者ポータルサイト is issued.

Jan 16, 2018, add
We have completed to update 利用者管理WEBシステム and WEB利用申請システム.
Please make a each application from these systems.
However 利用者ポータルサイト is being continued to update even now. Sorry for inconvenience.


Dec 1, 2017, add
We prepared extra Web page for each application.
Please apply from here.
We closed extra Web page for each application because of the system updating completion.


Please note that the following systems will be temporally stopped for an update.
stop date: Monday, November 20, 1:00 p.m.
start date: We will send you information separately.
All user will not be able to do the following operations during the period.
- Password initialize, Password change
- First application for system use
 * We continue to receive OCTOPUS free trial application.
- Additional resource
- Changing user information
- Additional user, Deleting user
- Viewing an information of user and resource
The following system will service normally.
- SX-ACE(dedicated and shared use)
- VCC(dedicated and shared use)
- Application(license server)
- Frontend server
- Login server
- Storage service
- Shibboleth server

Posted : November 20,2017