Ending the service for HCC (Sep 30)

HCC service ended. Thank you for your use.

All of the service for HCC is going to end on 11:59 p.m. September 30, 2017.
Please note that we will cancel your job if your job will not finish running on HCC by September 30.
We are going to install the successor system "OCTOPUS" on December 2017. Please see the following page for detail:
The service for the following systems will not end.

    - SX-ACE, VCC
    - Frontend server
    - Login server(License server),
    - Storage service
    - WEB system(利用者ポータルサイト,利用者管理WEBシステム,WEB利用申請システム)


If you have any question, please inquiry from the following web form.
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Posted : October 01,2017